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ellathjanardhanapanickermyfather4544232My dear father Sree Ellath
Janardhanan Panicker ( 1934- 2015 ) Passed away peacefully on  12.10 AM
(Night) November 7th – 2015 from Red Crescent Hospital Chungam Feroke. In Kerala.

I lost My father in that moment.

The light which guided me
for years came to an end. I felt darkness around me. He who brought me on earth
forsaken me as God willingly called him back and I felt I was alone on earth.
My father was my security sense, my strength in difficult times. And 


I had so many fond memories of child hood with him.

My father was not very educated still he had keen sense on how to live and he taught us the way to live
and when we were educated we found our own ways to live but every thing depends
on the way he taught us. The basic elements of our lives and the basic education
we pass on to our next generation is based on his doctrine of life. 

His father was
deserted him when he was 12…by his father. Since  my father was the
eldest son in his family and  no one was there to take care of his early
family, he had to struggle a lot. He was alone. He worked very many hours just
to support his mother and siblings. He was the real reason behind his extended
family’s successful existence.

He always extended his love
to  my children as well and always find right choices for our children. To
them he was the right person with ideal attitude and better views for a
successful life.

I have vivid memories of my
childhood with my parents and that was a great time in my life. I was free of
responsibilities and I was very happy as there were no compulsion on my
shoulders. My father took all possible responsibilities for our family and made
sure we were all happy in every inch of our lives.

I could manage to meet him
in his last days with consciousness and he could manage to find me out and
responded to my voice. It is always nice to see your father finding you out even
he is so sick on bed. I am happy now that I could manage to meet him in time
just before he passed away. 

I think I have done all I
could towards him till today. I have done my duties as a son. I have spend hours
with him. I think I am lucky to get a father like him in my life.

My love and affection
towards him is nothing compare to the love and affection he had towards me. What
ever I have done for him is very small if compare the duties he had done for me.
There is no alternative for such things. Father is father and no one can manage
to represent him in his place. 

I am a father too. I have my
next generation which are following me. I hope I will be good father through out
my life as I was a good son in my life till now. 

My father is my guiding star
and will be my guiding star for ever. I hope to seek continued guidance from his
great soul. 

Sorry to know I missed him.
Very sad to understand I missed him for ever. Still happy to feel that he is
dear to God now. I believe he is in heaven and expecting to meet him there after
my successful life on earth. 

Let me pray my GOD to keep
him in peace for ever…  MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE… For ever…

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